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Power of the Human Mind

The awesome power of the human mind is rather misunderstood and underutilized.  Most of us think we are incapable of greatness and acts of genius.  It emanates from a belief system which is low on self esteem. We just do not think we can do extraordinary things.  But history is replete with examples of what a human being can achieve once he or she sets their mind to something.

Once upon a time, climbing Mount Everest was considered impossible until Sir Edmund Hillary (along with able assistance from Tensing Norgay, the sherpa) made it possible. Thereafter, many have accomplished the feat so much so that some have climbed it without oxygen.  While nature is indeed the final frontier, a human’s quest for adventure, conviction in self and a flair for challenge have laid low many of nature’s barriers.

One of the most powerful philosophies put forth in a book format and proved time and again as unerringly accurate in its designated objective to achieve the impossible is that of Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich. The title is astoundingly powerful in its simplicity.

I first read this book from cover to cover in November 2011 although I had read some of the author’s other works in article, audio book and even print formats over the last couple of years. It was quite astonishing what could be achieved if we stuck to the principles and values that Napoleon Hill talks about as the cornerstones for thinking and growing rich. Although I was delighted to find at the end of my first read of the book that I had already been practising many of the tenets that Napoleon Hill reinforces as absolute necessities to garnering success, I was still amazed at the results coming out of the principles that I did not know about and began to practise.  For example, Napoleon Hill’s mind master alliances was something that blew me away. I had not realized what could be achieved if we begin to forge alliances with like minded individuals. It was fitting that he says that two minds in harmony can accomplish impossible feats compared to just one.

The book has stood the test of time for more than fifty years now and is as relevant to the modern day context as it was when it was first written.  The laws of success that Napoleon Hill talks about are as ageless as time.

If you ever had any doubt about what a determined and focused mind could achieve, just pick up Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” and you will never be the same again. I have done a brief review of the book at the goodreads website which can be found at:

So, go on, think….and grow rich with Napoleon Hill to guide your voyage of discovery of your immense potential.


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